UN Ocean Conference 2025 (UNOC 2025)

The Assembly adopted by consensus the draft resolution “2025 United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development”,…

Limited conservation efficacy of large-scale marine protected areas for Pacific skipjack and bigeye tunas

Large-scale, no-take marine protected areas (MPAs) have been established in several locations in the Pacific and expansion of such areas to reach 30% of the ocean area is actively promoted in some quarters. Justification for the establishment of large…

Ocean Science Fact: Tropical Cyclones in Tonga

Tropical cyclone in Tonga: El Nino Southern Oscillation hasn’t had a significant impact on the intensity and frequency of the tropical cyclones in this region, but it has modified the location of the genesis of TCs. Tonga was the spot of the genesis…

Ocean Science Fact: Did you know 90% of earthquake occur around the “Ring of Fire”?

Did you know 90% of earthquakes occur around the “Ring of Fire”?

Ocean Science Fact: Tectonic plate boundaries

Did you know that there are 3 types of tectonic plate boundaries?

Pacific Scientists Sharing Knowledge to Improve Ocean Products for Decision Making

Ocean management is a vital question for all Pacific Islands because of its importance to our people, environment, and economy. In order to support Pacific Island Countries and Territories, the Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) planned…

Ocean Science Fact: Microplastic in Ocean

Did you know that microplastic is present in our environment?  Discover more ocean science facts: https://bit.ly/3rsffG8 (Source: https://bit.ly/3O5Rr4i)

Ocean Science Fact: SPC and IRD Cruise Project Warmalis 2

Did you that SPC, as the lead scientific organisation in Pacific, is collaborating with research partners in ocean expeditions like the Warmalis?

Enhancing Climate Action at COP27

On the road to COP 27... Egypt's COP27 presidency vision is to move from negotiations and planning to implementation. Now is the time for action on the ground. It is therefore incumbent upon us to move rapidly towards full, timely, inclusive, and at-…

New agreement to improve ocean science collaboration in the Pacific

Photo: Dr Stuart Minchin, Director-General of the Pacific Community (SPC) and François Houllier, President and CEO of IFREMER.  
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