POETCom Farm Advisor Learning Exchange

    Learning exchange of Trainers (Farm Advisors)' focused on sustainable farming practices. Aiming to equip Pacific Organic Learning Farms Network (POLFN) farm advisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable…

Pacific organic farmers meet to break down gender barriers

A meeting in Nadi, Fiji this week has brought together organic farmers from across the Pacific to identify gender barriers within organic agriculture and find solutions to best address them.

The Pacific Community rolls out upgraded Pacific Pest List Database

As threats from plant pests and diseases in the Pacific increase due to growing populations and increased trade and movement of people and goods, the Pacific Community (SPC) introduced this week a newly upgraded Pacific Islands Pest List Database (PLD…

Animal health experts train to improve livestock health and production in the Pacific

Dr. Sripad Sosale from the Pacific Community taking a blood sample during animal disease surveillance training in Samoa Nadi, Fiji – Over 42 health experts from 17 countries gathered in Nadi, Fiji, this week to train on improving animal and…

Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry: Call for Pacific cooperation to manage biosecurity risks and ensure a ‘Safe and Green’ Pacific Games

Pacific Community (SPC), the Pacific Plant Protection Organisation (PPPO) and Biosecurity Solomon Islands (BSI), have urged Pacific countries to ensure biosecurity travel precautions for the Pacific Games are being met to prevent pest and disease entry…

Minister reveals fully organic island plan at Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry farm tour

Enhanced food systems planning and coordination called for at the Pacific Ministers Meeting to close the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry

Nadi, Fiji – In their first in-person meeting after the COVID-19 pandemic, Pacific Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry last week addressed some of the region’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, national food systems planning…

Pacific Agriculture and Forestry Heads seek sector transformation at first in-person meeting in four years

Nadi, Fiji – In their first meeting since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Heads of Agriculture and Forestry for Pacific Countries tackled an ambitious agenda set on transforming the sectors to create thriving and resilient communities for…

Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry: The Pacific kava sector anticipates export growth and eyes major global markets.

Nadi, Fiji – Pacific kava is in high demand, after the opening of Australian markets to commercial imports, raising hopes for increased interest across other global markets in Asia, North America, and the European Union.

International Women’s Day: Meet Maria of Barana Village (Solomon Islands)

This year, International Women’s Day on March 8 coincides with the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry, held 6 – 10 March in Nadi, Fiji. Meet Maria Bao of Barana village.
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