Gender and Social Inclusion training in Tonga commended and hailed as a success

Participants from the Ministry of Fisheries, Tonga with the training coordinators

Stat of the week: In 2021, the female youth literacy rate in Vanuatu is 97.2%

In 2021, the female youth literacy rate in Vanuatu is 97.2% (96.6% for males). Literacy rate measures the percentage of people aged 15 to 24 years who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement on their everyday life. Exlore more…

Tour the successful organic farm Mahuleva in Tonga on World “I Grow Your Food” Day

Organic farmer Tik Tani I Navuso Tuaimei’api has successfully provided a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables to the community from his organic farm, Mahuleva, in Anana, Tongatapu, Tonga. In this short tour of Mahuleva, Tuaimei’api explains what…

Tonga's sustainable energy revolution: A new era of opportunity

Lidar Imagery for Vanuatu and Tonga

Fruitful discussions to inform youth voice ahead of the Pacific’s Women Leaders’ meeting

(L-R) 'Ana Malia Falemaka with nominated sub-regional representatives to attend the Pacific Islands Forum Women Leaders Meeting during the first Virtual Polynesia Sub-Regional Youth Dialogue on Gender Issues  

Tonga embarks on revolutionary agricultural path through Organic Learning Farms launch

In a significant step towards sustainable agricultural practices and fostering a healthier lifestyle, Tonga has announced the successful launch of two Organic Learning Farms.

Germinating a sustainable future: POETCom organic farm network ploughs the way in Tonga

The Pacific Community (SPC) hosts first DEP LCAST national workshop in Nuku’alofa

This media release was originally published on the Kingdom of Tonga website. Participants and guests of honor during the LCAST workshop - credit SPC

Granting a voice to diverse SOGIESC communities: Tonga Leitis Association leads law reform efforts for inclusive justice

By Josephine Kalsuak and Kalpana Prasad   In a world where stigma and discrimination persist, supporting individuals with diverse sexual orientations remains far from the norm. However, breaking the barriers of prejudice, the Pacific Community's (SPC)…
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