Pacific Tuna Forum 2019

​7th Regional Tuna industry and Trade Conference

Pacific Island Countries and Territories adapting to Climate Change in Tuna Fisheries

In the Pacific Islands region, tunas are important for coastal communities’ food security. The predicted massive change in their distribution, a consequence of climate change, will impact these communities. Selling skipjack tuna by the roadside, Tarawa,…

What do tuna eat?

A young intern female scientist from New Caledonia, Pauline Machful, spent six month at the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem (FAME) Division and the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES) Programme of the Pacific Community (SPC…

Managing the world’s largest tuna fishery

The Pacific Ocean represents 48% of all the world’s oceans combined and supports some of the largest fisheries. In addition, it is home to some of the most abundant populations of tuna species such as albacore, skipjack and yellowfin, and billfish…

Pacific Community (SPC) Oceanic Fisheries Programme completes latest tuna tagging voyage

Staff from the Oceanic Fisheries Programme completed a significant tuna-tagging voyage in late 2017, releasing nearly 28,000 tags in the waters of PNG and Solomon Islands. The Oceanic Fisheries Programme embarked on the 50 day voyage in September 2017,…

Taking Stock of our Tuna

Pacific tuna tagging focus moves west

To improve the assessment and understanding of tuna stocks in the western Pacific region, scientists have completed a research expedition during which they tagged 2135 fish, of which 75 percent were bigeye tuna. The cruise, part of the broader Pacific…

Capacity building in the Pacific tuna processing sector

Cannery and national fish inspectors from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands are currently undergoing specialised training i

Study shows importance of tuna for public health in the Pacific

In the ongoing battle against obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the Pacific region, a new study reveals that allocating sufficient tuna for local consumption and keeping it affordable could significantly improve health outcomes.
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