Launch of Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls Phase II: Advancing our mission to end Violence Against Women and Girls

Surrounded by over 200 partners in Suva and virtually, the Pacific Partnership to End V

Addressing Pacific cultures with gender diversity and equality to enable progress

Pacific leaders are gathering today to address how diverse Pacific cultures can both progress or block gender equality and the critical contribu

Civil Society Organisations share best practices for better disability inclusion in the Pacific

The Pacific Community (SPC), in collaboration with the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) National Government and the Kosrae State Government, held a Regional Disability Inclusion host exchang

Pacific leads on delivering quality counselling services for survivors of gender-based violence

Kiribati has begun national consultations as part of a regional project to ensure consistently high quality standards for Pacific counselling services provided to survivors of gender-based violence and violence against women and girls.This week’s…

Pacific Youth Council convening identifies priorities for youth development

As part of a regional convening, the Pacific Youth Council (PYC) and National Youth Council (NYC) representatives from 14 Pacific island countries and territories the need to strengthen collaboration, inclusi

Youth paving the ways of their future: The Pacific Youth Council

“We are not merely casting away the old, but we are embracing new and unconventional ways of inclusion, collaboration, and support.”  

Monitoring disability inclusion: Towards the realisation of rights

Co-authored by Sally Baker (Disability Inclusion Specialist - Pacific Women Lead Quality and Technical Assurance Group) and Arti Devi (Database Officer for Pacific Women Lead at SPC), this blog provides insight into an inclusion tool, a guidance note for…

Keynote address by Susil Nelson-Kongoi, Pacific Women Lead Governance Board member at the PNG Women Lead Annual Reflections workshop

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen

Women making change in fisheries : Maryanne Itopai Waizepa’s story

As one of the panellists of the Gender & Social Inclusion (GESI) in Pacific Fisheries Symposium that is taking place in Honiara, Solomons from April 9th until the 11th, 2024, Maryanne Itopai Waizepa explains her vision on women in fisheries that…

Better data results in better services for Chuuk’s survivors of family violence

Staff at the Chuuk Women's Council's Tongen Inepwineu Counseling Center (TICC) who were provided with capacity building support by Pacific Women Lead at SPC in April last year.
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