Women in Fisheries Bulletin #36

This 36th edition of the Pacific Community’s Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin has 15 original articles from the Pacific Islands region and beyond. As we all emerge from the global pandemic to a “brave new world”, I feel uplifted by the…

How SPC is testing a range of fishing techniques new to the Pacific

  SPC is trialling and documenting fishing techniques (some for the first time) to enable Pacific fishers to diversify and strengthen their livelihoods.

Women in fisheries #35 profiles: Jacqueline Nalomaca-Seru

By Saras Sharma and Jacqueline Nalomaca-Seru Ever since I was young, I have always had a love for the sea. I think it’s because I was near it or in it most of the time.

A conversation with Elian Bangtor, a Pacific Early Career Ocean Professional from Vanuatu

Photo Credit: Matt Curnock / Ocean Image Bank  

Help us find out how tuna age and how fast they grow

Since 2006, the Pacific Tuna Tagging Programme, endorsed by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC), has been organising fish tagging events annually.

Follow the adventures of SPC's Fisheries Scientists onboard the WARMALIS 1 cruise

Photo: The first mate gives a first aid training session to the crew while we are at anchor  

Building the future of Pacific Food Systems

The Food Systems Summit held on September 23 in New York was an opportunity for the world to come together to find solutions to one of the major challenges of our generation: transforming the systems that make it possible to produce and consume food in a…

SPC's Fisheries Scientist team is embarking again on a new adventure: WARMALIS 1

Wallis and Futuna: When fisher communities pool their knowledge and skills to sustainably manage their resources

The Wallis et Futuna Fisheries Department has launched an awareness campaign to foster the emergence of sustainable coastal resource management. How to continue fishing in the future without causing the resources to decrease – that is the main theme of…

The Pacific paves the way for strong collaboration in tuna fishing scientific research

Photo: SPC Observer database  Innovative science to quantify the drifting fish aggregating devices in the world’s largest tuna fishery.
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