Childhood obesity, a major concern in the Pacific

Most behaviours linked to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) begin in early childhood. NCDs, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and cancer, are the leading cause (75%) of deaths in Pacific Island countries and territories.

Non Communicable Diseases in focus at the 13th Pacific Health Ministers meeting

The Pacific is known for its subsistence living, communal farming practices and self-sufficiency when it comes to fresh farm produce. But the region also has a growing reputation as having one of world’s highest Non-communicable disease (NCDs) rates. For…

Speech of the President Edouard Fritch, French Polynesia Presidency, Official opening of the 13th Pacific Health Ministers Meeting

Speech of the President Edouard Fritch, French Polynesia Presidency Official opening of the 13th Pacific Health Ministers Meeting 07 August 2019 - Papeete (French Polynesia) Honourable Regional Director of the World Health Organization, Dear Doctor KASAI…

RESCCUE activity in French Polynesia: the protection of marine birds in the Gambier islands

#RESCCUE Project in a nutshell (3/13) Our last stopover in French Polynesia is taking us to discover the seabirds of the Gambier.

RESCCUE activity in French Polynesia: towards sustainable pearl farming

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell (2/13) We stay in French Polynesia where a sustainable pearlfarming in the Gambier is essential for the lagoon as well as the local economy.

RESCCUE activity in French Polynesia: ecological anchorage

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell For the first video of a series, we are embarking for French Polynesia, where ecological anchorages have been set up.

Biodiversity in Oceania

La Plateforme intergouvernementale scientifique et politique sur la biodiversité et les services écosystémiques (IPBES) a été créée en 2012 et compte aujourd'hui 129 États membres. Sa 7ème conférence plénière s’est déroulée à Paris du 29 avril au 4 mai…

RESCCUE Project in French Polynesia

  Discover RESCCUE activities in French Polynesia.

Pacific Community Hosts French Polynesian Minister

The Pacific Community (SPC) was honoured to host French Polynesia’s Minister for Primary Resources and Development, Mr Tearii O Te Moana Alpha, at its Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT) facility in Narere earlier this week. CePaCT is the Pacific…

First official visit to French Polynesia as Director-General

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting French Polynesia for the first time which was also my first official visit as Director-General of the Pacific Community (SPC) to the territory. French Polynesia is a valuable member of the Pacific Community and a…
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