Promoting Biomaterials as an Alternative to Plastics

Protecting giant clams in the Pacific: a new stock monitoring mission in French Polynesia

Protecting the climate and ensuring food security in low-lying coral atoll countries and islands

By 2050, 60% more food than today will need to be produced to feed a growing population from the available land area worldwide. This must be done in a way that does not harm the soil, water, biodiversity, ecosystem services, or the climate upon which…

RNZ: The Director-General of the Pacific Community says accessing climate finance remains a challenge in the Pacific

Increasing economic activity in the most isolated atolls in the Pacific

Photo © Direction des ressources marines de Polynésie française (content available in French only) Accroitre l’activité économique des atolls les plus isolés dans le Pacifique Aux Tuamotu, un projet innovant de création d’un laboratoire de transformation…

Green news: the first electric tiller in France is being tested in French Polynesia

To allow farmers to gain autonomy in the fa'a'apu, the Directorate of Agriculture of French Polynesia and Elatec created the first electric tiller in France!

RESOLAG, a lagoon observation network to enhance the pearl-farming sector in French Polynesia

Launched in 2018, RESOLAG, the Lagoon Observation Network of French Polynesia, has since 2020 been able to rely on the support of the PROTEGE Programme in its activities.

The PROTEGE project supports the sustainable management of pearl farming in Mangareva, French Polynesia

(Content available only in French) Dans le cadre du projet PROTEGE, une délégation composée de deux agents de la Direction des Ressources Marines de Polynésie française et de deux agents de la Communauté du Pacifique, se sont déplacés à Mangareva du 25…

Green News: reusing waste from fisheries and aquaculture for agricultural purposes

In a context of environmental and health disruptions, reusing waste from fisheries and aquaculture for agricultural purposes has real resilience potential for local communities in the Pacific Islands. Tests are currently being carried out in French…

Using intercropping plants to reintroduce biodiversity on farm plots

French Polynesia is conducting trials with intercropping plants to better manage biological pests while limiting the use of fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. Julie Grandgirard, an entomologist at the French Polynesia Agriculture Department who is…
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