Wake up, a project for and with young Pacific people

Well-known for its landscapes, authentic and welcoming population, the Pacific region is also sadly famous because of the high rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are today the main cause of death in the Pacific. To help tackle this regional…

Kiribati teachers and teacher assistants complete human rights training module

12 primary and secondary school teachers and 15 trainee teacher assistants can now model positive behaviour in the classroom as a result of a workshop on human rights and responsibilities, inclusivity and equity over the course of three days in Tarawa.

Malaita and Guadalcanal Authorised Justices Training

The training aims to build the capacity of Authorised Justices to issue Interim Protection Order for survivors of domestic violence. The Family Protection Act gives power to the Authorised Justices to issue Interim Protection Orders as a way of…

Charting the Pacific: the importance of national monitoring reports for mapping education trends and challenges in the region

In this blog, the Pacific Community’s Education Quality and Assessment Program explain the way they support governments from across the region in producing national education monitoring reports, and how improved data collection and analysis at the…

Wake up! Engaging youth in non communicable disease prevention and control

The Pacific Islands are well known for their root crops, traditional meals and customary cooking styles. In this unique part of the world, food is often prepared by digging a hole in the ground and burying raw natural crops and meat or fish with hot…

Wake up! Engaging Pacific Youth to address non communicable diseases through media and communication

Wake up! Youth project to raise awareness on NCDs

Wake up! Youth project to raise awareness on NCDs

‘Farm to Table’ to benefit thousand youths

More than a thousand Fijian, Vanuatu and Samoan youths will be assisted to secure employment through organic agriculture with the launch of a USD 1.5 million two-year programme in Suva, Fiji, recently.

Pacific family and UN Envoy turn tide on youth outlook

In recognising the need for a high-level forum to monitor the situation of youth and drive progress in the Pacific, the member countries and territories represented at

UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth to attend High-level Dialogue on Pacific youth

A High-Level Dialogue on youth will be part of the upcoming biennial
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