From Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to Big Ocean Sustainable States (BOSS)

UNESCO Side Event on Safeguarding Under Cultural Heritage(UCH) for Sustainable Development aims to provide updates on the UCH safeguarding for Sustainable Development and the promotion of the UCH Convention in SIDS. The Event will feature presentations…

Charting the Pacific: the importance of national monitoring reports for mapping education trends and challenges in the region

In this blog, the Pacific Community’s Education Quality and Assessment Program explain the way they support governments from across the region in producing national education monitoring reports, and how improved data collection and analysis at the…

Contest winners announced on International Literacy Day

Alexandria Slaven of Samoa penned the words “illiteracy kills dreams” in her winning letter for a Pacific Community (SPC) multimedia competition on why reading matters. Miss Slaven, 11, is one of three winners announced today by SPC to mark the 50th…

The Pacific Way TV show celebrates 20 years

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s flagship TV show, The Pacific Way, marks a milestone of 20 years on air with its 2015 season premiere this Sunday.
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