New water systems for the most vulnerable Pacific Islanders

Close to 500 people in one of the most remote and inaccessible places in the Pacific, Kapingamarangi, have secured additional safe drinking water through the efforts of the European Union – North Pacific – Readiness for El Niño (RENI) project.

Kiribati Communities Reap Benefits of improved Water and Sanitation infrastructure

KIRIWATSAN Phase 2 - Kiribati Water and Sanitation in the Outer Islands A partnership funded by the European Union Over 9,000 people in 35 villages across the 16 outer islands of the Gilbert group in Kiribati now have improved access to water and…

Resilience in the face of Disaster: PW Podcast S01-E05

In the Pacific adapting to climate change is already a way of life. Learn how the people of the Marshall Islands are dealing with drought conditions as they face of future of climate extremes.    Listen to the full PW podcast.     

Pacific commits to greater collaboration in improving the science of floods and drought

Regional collaboration is essential to managing the impacts of droughts and floods across the Pacific. This was the finding of the Fourth Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-4) this week, as it took a step towards the better management of floods and…

Focusing attention on Pacific challenges in achieving safe water and sanitation for all on World Water Day

Today the Pacific marks World Water Day, a day designated to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of fresh water resources to sustainable development. However today, like every other day of the calendar, more than a million Pacific Islanders will…

Atoll countries share strategies to protect and maintain water security

Representatives of five Pacific atoll countries came together in Nadi this week to explore ways to tackle the common water security issues facing island communities.

Pacific community marks World Water Day

On 22 March each year, Pacific Island countries and territories pause to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of their fresh water resources to sustainable development.
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