"I grew up surrounded by flowers and crops. Now I run the largest plant gene bank in the Pacific"

Pacific scientists planning and planting for a warmer world

This Earth Day, in communities around the world, the climate emergency is not some distant threat but a daily reality. The fallout is acutely felt by the people of the Pacific as they try to nurture their crops, secure water, protect shorelines and…

New COVID-19 response will increase biosecurity and upgrade sustainable food production in the Pacific

COVID-19 has had a far-reaching effect on Pacific nations. In the space of seven months, the evaporation of vital tourism earnings and remittances, as well as the disruption to international trade and the food supply, has had repercussions on food…

Highlights from our Women in Agriculture Campaign

The two-week Women in Agriculture Campaign concludes today with an awards ceremony recognising the hard work of Women who have contributed more than 15 years of service towards the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Land Resources Division (LRD). Collectively,…

Responding to food and nutritional security, Meet Ulamila Lutu, Research Technician CePaCT, LRD

Ulamila Lutu is a Research Technician at the Pacific Community's Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT), formerly known as the Regional Germplasm Centre. It’s a lab facility that maintains, tests and distributes crop varieties and is operated by the…

The Secrets of Seeds: Meet Elina Young, Tree Seed Technician at CePaCT, LRD

Caption: Seed Technician Elina Nabubuniyaka-Young (in red shirt) collecting tree seeds in the field.

Women celebrated as Pacific looks to its agricultural future

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the Globe and linger on the doorstep of several Pacific countries, communities are already picking up the health, social and economic pieces scattered in its wake. Agriculture in the Pacific has been…

COVID-19 creating operational challenges for SPC’s regional gene bank

The COVID-19 crisis is having severe impact on the global development sector, making it mandatory for organizations, such as the Pacific Community (SPC) to adjust the way they work.

FJD3 million towards Protecting Pacific Crops

Photo credits: Australian High Commission Suva Media

SPC ensuring long-term sustainability of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture for PICTs

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