Pacific Community’s Agricultural Gene Bank Wins Global Award

Photo: The Pacific Community’s Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees gene bank conserves more than 2,000 varieties of trees and crops in the Pacific Islands. Credit: Pacific Community

New Zealand announces 10million in climate financing to secure Pacific food crops for future generations

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced NZ10million in new funding to support the Blue Pacific seed bank and genetic resources at the Pacific Community (SPC) Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT).

Keeping us all fed – The Pacific Food System

The term ‘food systems’ refers to interconnected activities involved in the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food.  They are enormously complex and important. And while food systems are now globally influenced, their impacts are…

Preserving the genetic treasures of the past to build the future: The Pacific Community at 75

Preserving the genetic treasures of the past to build the future: The Pacific Community at 75 The Pacific Community turned 75 on the 6th of February 2022. As we mark 75 years of the Pacific Community’s Service to the region, on the 6th of each month we…

The Pacific Community Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees wins Island Innovation award

Photo: SPC's Programme Leader for Genetic Resources Logotonu Meleisea Waqainabete in the CePaCT lab.  

New greenhouse facility set to increase Pacific plant research and generation

Photo: Governor-General David Hurley and SPC's Land Resources Division Director Karen Mapusua tour the new Quarantine greenhouse - credit: SPC Australian Governor General David Hurley today opened the new Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT)…

Opening of new molecular lab boosts Pacific’s crop research capabilities

The SPC’s Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT) programme and partners Manaaki Whenua LandCare Research (New Zealand) opened a new plant molecular laboratory today that is the first of its kind in the Pacific. 

Strengthening food security through preserving crops and trees for the next 75 years

SPC’s Land Resources Division (LRD) is persistently looking towards the future to ensure Pacific peoples natural and agricultural heritage is preserved. 

"I grew up surrounded by flowers and crops. Now I run the largest plant gene bank in the Pacific"

Pacific scientists planning and planting for a warmer world

This Earth Day, in communities around the world, the climate emergency is not some distant threat but a daily reality. The fallout is acutely felt by the people of the Pacific as they try to nurture their crops, secure water, protect shorelines and…
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