“It changed everything for me”, Lorian Finau-Groves from Samoa

Lorian Finau-Groves attended the Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme (PFLP) which aims to strengthen the leadership capabilities and capacities of emerging female and male leaders in the Pacific fisheries sector.  I was newly appointed as a Principal…

Elenoa Salele - SPC's Animal Health and Production Officer shares her testimony for International Women's Day 2022

Every International Women's Day, I am reminded of the little achievements, the little wins and the little celebrations I have made along the way. When making the decision of undertaking agriculture from high school, right through to university to date as…

Special Edition of Lagipoiva 360 Pacific Geopolitics on International Women's Day

Tonight Lagipoiva is interviewing le Afioga Leituala Kuiniselani Toelupe Tago - Elisara who is the Regional Director for Polynesia at The Pacific Community (SPC). Leituala shares her views on women's leadership, cultural leadership and equality in the…

Creating opportunities and building capacity for Pacific women in Health

In the Pacific is the landscape changing for Women in health? We know that Pacific health systems and infrastructures are fragile but there is always room for improvement and to lobby for change, ensuring our national plans are providing equal…

International Women’s Day 2022 – Break the Bias

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day – Break the Bias is a reminder for us as an organisation of the ongoing work needed in this critical area of gender equality. For women and girls in our region to feel safe, be included in decision making,…

International Women’s Day 2022 – SPC wishes a Happy International Day to all Women!

Stat of the week: Happy International Women's Day to the estimated 6,227,000 women in the Pacific

Happy International Women's Day to the estimated 6,227,000 women in the Pacific (age 15 years and over). Age Mid-year population estimate, females, 2022* All ages (15+) 6,227,000 15-19 588,400 20-24 515,300 25-29 511,400 30-34 444,200 35-39 416,500

International Women’s Day 2022 – Breaking the Bias in the Pacific’s Education sector

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day campaign, breaking the bias, that popped up in my notifications a few weeks ago, got me thinking about how the role of women in education and within EQAP is changing, and by changing, I mean changing for…

International Women's Day 2022 — Women leading resilience

Melinda Mathers, Pacific Community's Technical Vocational Education and Training Coordinator, Geoscience, Energy and Maritime (GEM) Division.

International Women's Day 2022 — Accomplishing more than I had envisaged

Zarin Khan, the Pacific Community, Research Assistant Pacific Disaster Net, Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division
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