SPC and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries organised a workshop to improve Fiji’s export efficiency and access to New Zealand markets

Last week, the Pacific Community (SPC) in collaboration with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) facilitated a workshop to discuss effective systems that protect fresh produce export commodities from pests and diseases and improve safe…

Fiji tackles African Swine Fever with new emergency response plan

The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) have developed an Animal Biosecurity Emergency Response Plan (ABERP) to address possible exotic incursions such as African Swine Fever. The plan was announced at the ‘African Swine Fever (ASF) Awareness and…

Containing the Spread of African Swine Fever, Meet Elenoa Salele, Animal Health and Production (AH&P) Technician, LRD

The African Swine Fever (ASF) is crippling Papua New Guinea’s multi-million dollar pork industry after it was discovered in the Southern Highland Province of Mendi Munihu on 26 March this year. The virus was suspected when 336 pigs died in February.

Pacific countries strengthen border monitoring in response to African Swine Fever threat

31 March 2020  Papua New Guinea recently announced that its multi-million pork industry is now under threat after African Swine Fever (ASF) was discovered in Mendi, in the Southern Highlands Province. It is believed that the disease was transported…

How to protect the Pacific region from transboundary animal disease

Boost for animal disease surveillance in Tonga

Animal health and production officers from Tonga’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Food are now better equipped to facilitate training with field staff on animal disease surveillance.

Improved communications addressed in Vanuatu Livestock Disease Emergency Response Plan

The Vanuatu Animal Disease Emergency Response Plan has been refined and updated to improve the communication and dissemination of information during emergencies. This follows the conclusion of a workshop late last month involving participants from the…
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