Rugby, household surveys and COVID-19

The Fiji Rugby Sevens Team continued to excel since the onset of COVID-19 - they won the 2020 Olympics, the World Rugby Sevens Series and are currently ranked 3rd in the world.  At the same time, the Pacific National Statistics Offices have undertaken an…

An unexpected treasure

Photo credit: SPC/Toga Raikoti  

Tonga conducts fully automated census

Following recent successes in Tokelau and Vanuatu, the Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga is modernizing how they conduct their Population and Housing Census by adopting a fully automated system. The Polynesian nation’s census began on 30 November, and…

Republic of Palau’s 2015 census to break new ground

Innovative features incorporated into the Republic of Palau’s 2015 national census of population, housing and agriculture will see Palau set a new standard for the Pacific region.
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