‘Green Pacific Port initiative’ looks to improve port operations across the Pacific

Government officials and port representatives from Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Tonga agreed to focus on the implementation of quality, energy, and environmental management for port operations in the Pacific as the guiding principles of their work in…

MTCC-Pacific Steering Committee Meeting

Steering Committee with update on MTCC-Pacific project progress and receive an introduction to first data analysis and its findings. Partner and OMP project presentations are also on the agenda.  

MTCC-Pacific strengthens its environmental governance expertise through SPC-SPREP agreement

Solomon Islands maritime industry calls for energy efficient operations to reduce greenhouse gasses

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA) together with national ship operators, have called for greater investment in energy efficient operations to reduce greenhouse gasses. The call was made…

Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre in Pacific hosts its First Advisory Group Meeting

The Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for the Pacific region (MTCC-Pacific) hosted its First Advisory Group Meeting on this week in Suva, Fiji.  The Advisory Group has the responsibility to support the operations of MTCC-Pacific for the Pacific…
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