Wake up! Engaging Pacific Youth to address non communicable diseases through media and communication


Non-communicable diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular pathologies, cancers) are a major social and economic issue for Pacific Island countries and territories. But these diseases can be avoided because they are associated with lifestyle choices (tobacco and alcohol use, lack of physical activity and an unbalanced diet). The involvement of young people in the prevention effort against these diseases is vital because behaviours adopted at a very young age have an impact on health in adult life.

The Pacific Community, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and the financial support of the French Pacific Fund, have therefore launched the WAKE UP project for young people from 15 to 25 years of age. The aim of the project is to transfer knowledge on non-communicable diseases to Pacific Island youth so as to help them produce short films on this topic. Through the WAKE UP project, youth speaks to youth….

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