World Science Day for Peace & Development


SPC’s Centre for Pacific Crops & Trees (CePact)

A video message from the Director-General of the Pacific Community, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, highlighting the contribution of our Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT) to biodiversity conservation and food security.

Based in Suva, Fiji, CePaCT’s core business is conservation through cooperation by ensuring plant biodiversity and the main food crops of the Pacific Islands region are conserved, used and exchanged. CePaCT has a unique responsibility as part of a global network of gene banks. Our scientists give priority to important staple crops, such as taro, banana, cassava, sweet potato, yam and breadfruit. Some of our new taro varieties are considered among the best in the world to support food security. Through CePaCT our science, knowledge and innovation is also helping to support livelihoods and trade for our small islands.

CePaCT is supported by Pacific Island countries and territories along with: the Consultative Group of International Agriculture Research Centres; Government of Australia; European Union; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Global Crop Diversity Trust; Government of France; New Zealand Aid Programme; United Kingdom; United Nations Development Programme; USAID and the World Vegetable Centre.