CRGA 48 logo, a symbol of culture


The logo that has been designed for CRGA 48 draws on the strong significance of the spearhead-shaped symbol in Kanak culture – the indigenous culture of New Caledonia. Historically, each clan in a region would contribute one upright wall post towards the construction of a high Chief’s (le grand chef) ‘grand house’ (la grande case). When construction of the Chief’s grande case was completed, a spearhead-shaped ornamental rooftop spire (flèche faîtière) would be added atop the dwelling, to signify that all of the clans that had contributed poles to the construction of la grande case were united under the high Chief’s dominion. Each ornamental rooftop spire had its origins in the clans’ ancestral histories. Generally, the size of the Chief’s grande case indicates the extent of the Chief’s dominion – a large grande case indicates a broad dominion.

The CRGA 48 logo has been designed by SPC’s resident artist, Jipe Le Bars. Jipe has over 40 years’ experience working with indigenous artists and art from across the Pacific region, and is a recognised artist and art educator.

Text: Jipe Le Bars and Stuart Roberts

​Image: Case de Mwarengou, Canala, New Caledonia. Hand drawn by Jipe Le Bars, 1984. © Jipe Le Bars

Useful link: CRGA 48 website