A new look for SPC’s home on the Web

At the 2018 CRGA, participants were given a sneak preview of some of the revisions for the SPC website. Those revisions have now been completed for our home on the web. We began a process of revising our website with the goal of not only improving the look a functionality, but also of updating our hosting platforms and strengthening our online security. This is a complex project, as you might imagine for an organization with over 70 years of projects, activities and history for which to account.

The first step in our process was to bring the corporate pages onto a modern platform. This was completed in 2017 and now, based on feedback from our members, partners and staff, we have fine-tuned our corporate pages into what will be a foundation for updates across all SPC divisions.

So what has changed?

To begin with, we have focused on our core colours to more easily identify the SPC website with the SPC brand.  We have also made what we do - our news, blogs, events and releases - much more prominent. A visitor to the SPC page will be immediately presented with a taste of our work across many divisions and be encouraged to explore the site further.

An integrated calendar will provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for information about upcoming activities from across all of SPC.

We have designed a new member map with quick access to basic information about all SPC members. This information will be further expanded in the coming months to include the in-country work of SPC.

And in recognition of our rich heritage, we have developed an interactive slider providing images and key dates for SPC going back to the organizations establishment in 1947.

There is more to see and explore, so we encourage you to visit the site and read more about the incredible and innovative work being done by all the members in the Pacific Community. The new site will continue refined and adapted, and we always welcome feedback on how it can serve you better.

Peter Foster, Communications Director, Pacific Community (SPC), [email protected]