SPC conducts one of its largest Constituent Surveys to Date


Noora Tou, General Manager of the Cooks islands Port Authority, discusses the importance of evidence in decision-making as part of a  Strategic Plan Mid-Term Review interview


The Pacific Community (SPC) is currently undertaking a series of evaluative activities to contribute to the Mid-Term Review (the Review) of its Strategic Plan 2016-2020. The Review has been co-designed with – and is under the oversight of – the Subcommittee of SPC’s Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA). It involves a number of discreet, dynamic and independent evaluative activities to assess progress and performance against the Plan’s objectives and inform the work of SPC in the coming years, including potential changes in the remaining period of the Plan. One such activity is SPC’s Partnership Survey.

International development has a long history of gathering feedback for mutual accountability with donors and aid recipients as well as performance management. Less attention has been placed however over time on linking feedback and learning to decision-making. SPC strongly believes that the Pacific people it serves and engages with are best placed to determine the value of its work. SPC also strongly values continuous learning for evidence-based decision-making, and improved outcomes for Pacific people.

Emily Sharp, the acting Director of the Strategy, Performance and Learning team, has recently been in the Cook Islands speaking with SPC stakeholders about how working with SPC is achieving results in country and is sharing some insight about the value of stakeholder feedback: “SPC stakeholders in the Cook Islands have been very generous in sharing examples of the ways in which our work contributes to results and examples where we haven’t achieved what we set out to and why”.

SPC has commissioned an independent company, Sustineo, to implement the Partnership Survey. The scope and ambition of the survey are significant, with feedback sought from over 1,200 individuals across member governments at national, provincial and local levels, regional organisations, development partners, non-governmental and civil society organisations, academia and research organisations, the private sector and communities. SPC recognises the distinct roles these Constituents play in shaping the direction, actions and results of the organisation. It has therefore co-designed, with the CRGA Subcommittee through Sustineo, a survey that will bring to light the different experiences of engaging with SPC towards shared development objectives, using a Realist Evaluation approach.

The Survey, available in English and French, was launched on 26 June and will remain open until 24 July, 2018. If you have been invited to participate and have not done so already, we invite you to complete the Survey using the links sent to you. If you have not been invited and would like to participate or have any questions regarding the Survey, please contact Tom Sloan from Sustineo. Your opinion matters to us!

Camille Donnat, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor, Strategy, Performance and Learning unit, Pacific Community (SPC), [email protected]