Statement from SPC Director-General Colin Tukuitonga on accreditation with Green Climate Fund

Early today we received news that the Pacific Community has been officially accredited by the Green Climate Fund. This is a significant development for SPC and one that will provide great benefits for the work we do with our members across the Pacific.

The accreditation is more than just an endorsement and recognition of our work, it represents a key for unlocking a variety of new tools that will enable SPC to provide, products, activities and services that were not previously accessible.

SPC will use the accreditation to deploy its considerable expertise through divisions and programmes (including Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry, Energy, Transport, Water, Health, and Disaster Risk Management) and provide greater support to Pacific countries in their climate change efforts and Paris Agreement commitments, with particular attention to the critical adaptation needs of the region.

In practical terms, the SPC accreditation provides direct access to category B risk (medium) funding, up to 50m USD, and for fiduciary modalities of project and grant management. SPC will also now be in a position to supplement the capacity of existing direct access and international entities, providing more options to Pacific countries in their climate adaption and mitigation planning.

For more than 70 years, the Pacific Community has been working tirelessly with its members in support of sustainable development and a better future for the regions people. This new partnership with the Green Climate Fund compliments the goals and values of both organizations and I am confident that, working together, we will accelerate the regions efforts towards a resilient Pacific.

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability


Colin Tukuitonga

Director-General from 23 January 2014 to 22 January 2020