No cyclone will chase us away: PW Podcast S02-10

Niue suffered significant damage during cyclone Heta in January 2004, sustaining winds greater than 240km/h, classifying it as a category 4-5 cyclone. The Niue Hospital and dwellings near the shore were damaged as huge waves crossed the cliff line and battered houses, roads and the fuel depot. In response, Niue, with help from the Pacific Community established National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC).

The NEOC is a great example of how development partners collaborate and work alongside the government to address local needs. In this case, the European Union (EU), under the Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific project (BSRP) implemented by SPC, invested NZD 1.1 million in the construction of the NEOC, while the New Zealand Government contributed NZD 250,000 towards the structural engineering work and fit out of the facility.



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