Foundations for change: Members endorse SPC’s 2021 Transition Plan


Photo: New Caledonia is the current Chair of the CRGA Subcommittee on the Strategic Plan

The Pacific Community’s governing body has endorsed the Transition Plan for 2021: Foundations for a resilient future which comes into effect on 1 January 2021.

COVID-19 impacts have shifted the attention and priorities of Pacific Community (SPC) members. The ongoing health, economic and social challenges in the region disrupted the organisation’s ability to deliver an inclusive, long-term strategy for the organisation in 2020. This required SPC to quickly adapt and pivot the development of its 10-year Strategic Plan to include a 12-month Transition Plan focused on responses to recovery and building resilience by design, not disaster.

Members’ priorities lie at the heart of this Transition Plan. It has been informed by COVID-19 assessments, national sustainable development plans and SPC’s ongoing regional commitments. It incorporates the outcomes of dialogues held with Pacific youth on their future aspirations and it leverages the scientific and technical expertise of staff to inform foresight activities that frame potential future scenarios for the organisation and its members.

Guided by the Blue Pacific vision, the Transition Plan identifies four goals and six focus areas, all of which are interconnected by sustainable systems and climate action.  It recognises Pacific cultures and human rights as the foundations of SPC’s sustainable development efforts.

The Transition Plan’s six priority areas
The Transition Plan’s six priority areas

Strengthening food systems and education, while ensuring that key social development and human rights issues continue to progress, will be a core focus in 2021. Closed borders mean that food security is a growing concern, particularly for member states dependent on imports. Reduced economic activity from fisheries as well as a complete halt in tourism has resulted in socio-economic problems at household levels, just as education and gender gaps have further widened across the region.

A renewed focus on transforming institutional effectiveness will build the necessary enabling environments and capacities for SPC to work in effective and integrated ways, across systems, towards development outcomes for its members.

Member consultations on SPC’s Strategic Plan are ongoing and will be presented to CRGA 51 for endorsement in November 2021. SPC looks forward to working with its members to collectively integrate social, cultural, scientific and technical capabilities towards a Blue Pacific future.

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For all enquiries regarding SPC’s Strategic Plan 2021+, please contact Sarah Mecartney ([email protected]) from SPC’s Strategy, Performance and Learning team.