NDC Hub to assist Tonga in promoting national climate plans to the wider public


On the occasion of Tonga National Climate Change Awareness Week 2021, the Regional NDC Hub produced a wide range of communications materials to support the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change, and Communication (MEIDECC) in promoting their commitments to deliver on the Paris agreement.

From 19 to 24 September, the MEIDECC of Tonga participated in Tonga National Climate Change Awareness Week 2021, a leading event on climate change resilience. Held each year to highlight national case studies for climate change adaptation, this convention provides a unique opportunity to spearhead a new way of educating and engaging local communities.

As a member of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub, Tonga requested the NDC Hub to create awareness communications tools focusing on Tonga’s Second National Determined Commitments (NDC) 2020, a set of initiatives in support Paris Agreement goals. Communications items included the production and dissemination of 1,000 brochures in English and Tongan, 50 t-shirts, and an instructional video, the work was done together with the SPC Geoscience, Energy and Maritime (GEM) Division

More than 200 people visited the MEIDECC ‘Mitigation Booth’, including stakeholders, students, and professionals. They participated in a series of activities covering basic information of Tonga’s target in its 2015 NDC, what is NDC, and process implemented towards the 2020 enhanced NDC.

Three weeks before the launch of COP 26, Tonga reaffirmed its commitment to playing its part in climate action. As a Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS), the country is producing very little of the emissions responsible for global warming but set the target of reducing GHG emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels by 13% (16 Gg) by 2030.

A successful adaptation in the Pacific will not only depends on national commitments, but also on the sustained engagement of multilateral and international organizations. Tonga is ready  to take action and to co-design the path to a safe and sustainable future.

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Maëva Tesan

Information, Communication and Knowledge Management Officer

Sadie Tunaulu

Information and Knowledge Management Officer, Pacific NDC Hub

Sadie joined the Pacific NDC Hub based in Suva on 4 January 2021.