Pacific Data Hub to host ten years of valuable Pacific Women learnings


Photo: Smiling women, Port Vila, Vanuatu (credit: Graham Crumb/


What happens to the data, insights and learnings generated from a long running development programme when it closes?

The unfortunate reality is many times they are lost.

When websites become dormant or close, when programme staff move on, valuable knowledge built up over years of work with communities, stakeholders and partners can be lost.

This is the fate Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development (Pacific Women) wanted to avoid as the programme prepares to close and transition to the new Pacific Women Lead programme.

Supported by Australia, Pacific Women connected more than 180 gender equality initiatives and worked with over 190 implementation partners across 14 Pacific Island countries. The programme provided funding, convening and knowledge sharing, and technical support to a portfolio of local partners and has generated some of the most comprehensive data and learnings in the region.

“We want to make sure that ten years of learning, and production of resources is not lost”, said Pacific Women Communications Manager, Jacqui Berrell.

“This has been a significant program spanning almost 10 years, and during that time we've had a very big emphasis on building on locally-led gender transformative approaches while capturing learnings from the lifetime of the program. We want to make sure that all this information isn’t lost. We really want to make sure that future programmes can use the research and resources created and build on it, “she said.

To ensure the valuable information from the programme remains available, Pacific Women have chosen to migrate their data to the Pacific Data Hub.

Sioeli Tonga, Pacific Data Hub Programme Manager said retaining knowledge from the Pacific is an integral focus of the hub.

“Publishing this information in Pacific Data Hub ensures that it’s accessible to anyone. This might be policy and decision makers, researchers and academics, or development organisations to inform new programmes. It’s set up to be a one stop shop of information and data on the region. The Pacific Data Hub aims to improve access to data and information on the Pacific and so are extremely pleased to be adding the ten years of Pacific Women data to the Hub”, he said.

Established by the Pacific Community (SPC), the Pacific Data Hub serves as a gateway to the most comprehensive collection of data and information about the Pacific across key areas including population statistics, fisheries science, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and resilience, public health surveillance, conservation of plant genetic resources for food security and human rights.

Pacific Data Hub