Hot off the press: COVID-19 impacts, access to justice and plant health among topics of recent publications


SPC's Publishing team has a range of recently released publications, including reports on the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to justice in Solomon Islands, food consumption and a manual on plant health.

In one of the first reports of its kind for the Pacific, FAME published an Assessment of COVID-19 socio-economic impacts on Special Management Area households and small-scale fishers in Tonga. Among the report’s findings include reduced local availability of fresh fish and seafood, physical and mental health stress, loss of socio-cultural activities and financial hardship.

HRSD released the Solomon Islands Access to Justice Pilot Project – Reflection Report, that assesses the effectiveness of a project to increase access to justice in Guadalcanal and Malaita for women and girl survivors of domestic violence. Another HRSD publication is the Proceedings of the fourteenth triennial conference of Pacific women and seventh meeting of Pacific ministers for women, which convened virtually in April 2021.

Following on from previously published country food consumption analyses, SDD completed reports for the Republic of Marshall Islands and Kiribati, based on the 2019–2020 household income and expenditure surveys conducted in those countries. The surveys found there are “multiple burdens of malnutrition” in both RMI and Kiribati.

GEM released the Digital Earth Pacific: Needs assessment report on the use of earth observation data to support country-level development and sustainability priorities. GEM also published, Cadre pour la sécurité et la résilience énergétiques dans le Pacifique (FESRIP) : 2021–2030 Volume 2 : Documents de réflexion et d’information, the French companion to the issues and background papers of the Framework for Energy Security and Resilience in the Pacific 2021–2030.

From LRD is the Plant Health Clinics: A training manual for Plant Health Doctors in Pacific Island countries that was developed by diverse contributors from Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Tonga.

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