How SPC is breaking the bias from the inside out – Gida Gaituvwa (Progress together)


The Pacific Community (SPC) is committed to breaking the bias from the inside out, creating a gender-equitable, diverse and inclusive Pacific through our work and everyday actions.

In SPC’s Strategic Plan 2022–2031, Gida Gaituvwa, a value from north Pentecost in Vanuatu, calls for unity and inclusive collaboration to achieve shared goals. It refers to progressing together towards our collective well-being and prosperity, and leaving no one behind.

As a people-centred and values-led organisation, we embrace the values in our strategic plan through our actions and behaviours that promote equity, diversity, and social inclusion for resilient communities.

Through our seven key focus areas of work, SPC is committed to addressing inequalities and strengthening enhanced representation of Pacific people through multiple pathways. Three examples are:

  • Resilience and climate action – we are investing in coherent and accessible data collection and analysis for better, informed decision-making that is cognisant of bridging the gender gap through empowered contributions.

We will do this through building pathways for young professionals and Pacific women in scientific and technical leadership that influences national, regional and international action.

  • Equity, education and social development – we are working towards social development systems that result in real gains for education, gender equality and social inclusion.

We will do this through a contextualised approach to human rights and good governance that incorporates Pacific cultures and ways of knowing and strengthened individual and institutional capacity, leadership development and advocacy.

  • Transforming institutional effectiveness – we are committing to enhanced gender equality across the organisation and across all levels of decision-making by 2031.

We will do this through investing in capabilities, gender-sensitive systems, internal learning and reflection events, and staff training to reaffirm positive practices and inform the way any biases are redressed.

These examples demonstrate how we embody Gida Gaituvwa in our personal behaviours, our professional service, and our delivery of regional public goods for the well-being and prosperity of our Blue Pacific.

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to living our values across all our work areas beyond the technical aspects of our work.

To learn more about how we are breaking the bias from the inside out and acting in solidarity, you can read SPC's Strategic Plan 2022–2031 at this link.

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