Strengthening radiology services in the Pacific Region: Meet Nalini Vandana Prasad, Medical Imaging Technologist in Fiji


A group of 22 radiologists from 7 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) in 2021, enrolled and completed the International Certificate in Radiology Fundamentals, in another step to broaden the region’s medical expertise.

The Pacific Community (SPC) with funding from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) facilitated this opportunity offered by Radiology Across Borders (RAB) in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Canada.


Meet Nalini Vandana Prasad, Medical Imaging Technologist based in Labasa Hospital, Fiji

Nalini is currently the acting supervisor medical imaging technologist, radiology department at the Labasa Divisional Hospital in Fiji and has 16 years of experience in this field

How useful has this course been?

This course has been very useful to my current role as a medical imaging technologist in terms of linking knowledge with experience. I have gained in depth knowledge of imaging anatomy, the different pathologies and its appearances in imaging, the different radiological procedures and its modified techniques which has boosted my skills and confidence.

Why do you think continued learning as such is important?

I think it is important to continue learning in such technical professions because it helps us keep up to date with continuous advancements and developments happening in health care and diagnostic imaging. This allows for us to provide better diagnosis for patients.                                                           

What are some critical learnings that you have been incorporating into your work? 

Some of the learnings include appearances and classification of benign and malignant lesions therefore detailed reading and studies have enabled me to classify the malignant and benign masses better thus providing patient with a better diagnosis. This fast-tracks the treatment strategies for the patient by the clinicians.

We have also developed standard operating procedures for each unit of the radiology department after the course to in cooperate our learnings with the SOPs for example SOP for CT Scan details out that all trauma head CT scans to be repeated after 24 hrs to rule out intracranial bleeds etc

I am grateful for the opportunity to undertake this course and encourage my peers to look for opportunities to learn and upskill in their respective fields.

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