Elenoa Salele - SPC's Animal Health and Production Officer shares her testimony for International Women's Day 2022


Every International Women's Day, I am reminded of the little achievements, the little wins and the little celebrations I have made along the way. When making the decision of undertaking agriculture from high school, right through to university to date as my career, I did not realise that I was volunteering myself into a male dominated field. I did not see it as a gender biased field, but I saw Agriculture as something I was passionate about.

Working in the agriculture sector especially in livestock, I found myself to be the only female out in the field with my male colleagues. I was once the youngest and the only female in our technical team. It was tough at times as I was first assigned with “light work” such as administration, communications, and web development work, etc, but I kept pushing myself and kept proving to everyone around me that I also belong out in the field. Not only did I prove that I can take on roles as a technical officer but that I can also tackle roles such as project management.

Being the only female and sole member of a thematic team that helped rejuvenate the veterinary program in the Pacific Community from 2019 to date us one of my best achievements so far. It’s the little things that matter: sacrifice, hard work and believing in yourself! We need good leadership, role models and mentors to provide opportunities for women and girls in the agriculture sector.

It is also important to have a good community of practice that believes in the same vision. And it's important to have good team members and leaders that support your growth.

To all the young girls and women out there venturing into Agriculture, always work hard and lead with CONFIDENCE.

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