Fisheries Story: The Pacific Nutrient Database calculates the nutritional value of food


Did you ever wonder about the nutritional value of the seafood you eat? The Pacific Nutrient Database (PNDB) enables you to know this. The database is a step towards improving the evidence base to end the triple burden of malnutrition, achieving food security, and improving nutrition.

What is the nutritional value of reef fish and mud crabs?

Thanks to long-term efforts made by the Pacific Community, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the University of Wollongong, a Pacific Nutrient Database (PNDB) and its accompanying user guide were made public in December 2020. The PNDB gives access to the nutritional values of the main foods consumed in the Pacific Islands region, including marine foods that are essential for food and nutrition security of coastal communities. The PNDB is designed to facilitate the use of data, primarily derived from household income and expenditure surveys, to conduct poverty, nutrition and food security-oriented analysis in the Pacific region. Through its concordance with international classification and food groups, the database facilitates rapid and comparable consumption-oriented analysis, which will guide evidence-driven policy to support vulnerable populations, such as those who live in poverty and/or are food insecure.

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