Green news: Building a common vision of climate action to achieve Nationally Determined Contributions in the Pacific


In contributing towards a collaborative vision and commitment for Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS), the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Programme (CCES) is committed to assist national governments in achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals.

This year, The Regional Pacific NDC Hub unveiled a ten-year strategy to support 14 Pacific Island Countries in the planning and implementation of Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The ‘Strategy 2030 - A blueprint for NDC implementation in Pacific Island Countries’ builds on multi-stakeholder commitments and cooperative action among governments, community leaders and organisations.

This plan of action is the outcome of a consultative process that highlighted the underlying challenge of building capacities, bridging gaps in regulations and legislation, and enhancing networks in the region. It fleshed out a sustainable approach grounded in the principles of the urgency of climate action, alignment with national development agendas, gender equality, people-centred green recovery and building back better...

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