SPC's 75th anniversary: Flashback on the High-Level Dialogue on climate change and biodiversity hosted by SPC


The Pacific Community turned 75 on the 6th of February 2022. As we mark 75 years of the Pacific Community’s Service to the region, on the 6th of each month we will feature a key moment in history for the organization.  

At SPC, we are convinced that climate change poses a challenge for us all, making international cooperation essential.

  • Over the last decades, the organisation has been committed to supporting Pacific Islands Countries and Territories implementing climate adaptation programmes through cooperation and capacity building initiatives.
  • In 2018, SPC hosted regional the High-Level Dialogue on climate change and biodiversity. Heads of State and governments as well as ministers and delegates participated in this unique event to scale up climate action.

To find out more, please visit this link.

On 6 February 2022, SPC turned 75. Each month, let us look back at a key date for SPC and the Pacific.

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