Meet Toga Raikoti, Population Census & Survey Data Processing Specialist Programmer at SPC


Can you tell us about yourself and your work?

My name is Toga Raikoti, I work for the SDD, in SPC, Noumea, as a population census and survey data processing specialist.

For me as data processing specialist, my work involves assisting national statistics offices in the member countries in the data collection activities. A classic day in the office starts with saying hello to everyone and then you go straight into your laptop and start working on the country projects on which you are working. It’s mostly collections and processing of data that has been collecting from the country.

The biggest challenge in the region is the collecting of good quality data and so my work is to ensure that the data that has been collecting are of high quality, reliable and relevant and timely as well.

How is your work helping SPC’s member countries?

My work involves questionnaire design and the field operations. I provide the training for the field enumerators and the supervisors to make sure that they are correctly capturing the information that is required from the field.

Innovation is another word, right now all the countries are moving into the CAPI technologies, the computer-assisted personal interview. They use tablets to interview the households, so once they complete the interview, they synchronize the data into our server here in SPC and we look at the data. If there is any inconsistency with the data, if there are any incomplete questionnaires, we send it back to the interviewers.

Now I’m providing support for COVID-19 in some of the countries support for the Covid-19 rapid assessment surveys. We are asking the countries, what is the impact of Covid-19 on employment, livelihoods and their resources because now there is a lot of lockdowns around the countries and rapid assessment surveys provides relevant information for them to see how their governments can support families and households.

How do you feel like working for SPC?

I have been with SDD for 9 years and I’m enjoying my work with SDD because I’m fulfilling one of my dreams to work in a regional organization like SPC.

Understanding a culture of the Pacific people is really important. And for me, being from the Pacific, I already understand traditions and culture of the countries and it really helps. I think my work is important to countries is because we are collecting information about households and individuals in the countries. All those household characteristics that we collect help the countries in their development plans.

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