National Minimum Development Indicators regional data base extended to include French territories


The Pacific Community (SPC), in partnership with the Institute of Statistics and Economic Research of New Caledonia (ISEE) today unveiled a new version of the SPC National Minimum Development Indicators (NMDI) website (, which now includes data on New Caledonia.

In addition to information on New Caledonia, data on French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna have now also been included in the NMDI website.

The NMDI website features data from 7 different areas: population, human development, agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure, health and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), providing a comprehensive compilation of the main statistical data in the region.

For the first time, the site’s functionalities now make it possible to compare French Pacific territories with regional countries. It will also serve as a public information tool for the Pacific region. Long-term monitoring of indicator trends in various fields will be easier to achieve.

The Director of the Statistics Division, Gerald Haberkorn, echoed the vision articulated by the Head of the Regional Cooperation and External Relations Department of the Government of New Caledonia in 2012, i.e. that the goal is to help New Caledonia integrate more fully into its regional environment and make it easier to measure progress made and future developments.

Véronique Daudin, the Director of ISEE, adds that the inclusion of this new data on the site gives a more tangible presence to the French territories in the Pacific, especially as the production of harmonised indicators is a challenge. Such indicators are based on an expanded analysis of available structural and contextual outcomes.

The extension of the regional data base to include the French Pacific territories responds to their shared desire to cooperate with Pacific Community member states and territories and to integrate more fully into the region. This project was made possible by the support of the Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation Fund (‘Pacific Fund’), implemented by France.

Media contact:
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ISEE Solenn Araïc, Head of Publications Department, [email protected]; 24 29 95