SPC Officially Hands First Certificates as a Regional Quality Assurance Agency


Pacific Island Countries that do not have a quality assurance agency for their education providers and qualifications can now access these services from the Pacific Community (SPC).
The Pacific Community (SPC) through the Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) supported by the Australian Government handed the first certificates today.

The first institutional accreditation certificate was handed to the Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT), an institute SPC has provisionally accredited as a post-secondary education and training provider.

The first three certificates of regionally accredited qualifications were on Sustainable Energy. They are regional qualifications developed under the European Union supported Pacific Technical and Vocational Education and Training (PacTVET) project.

The Kiribati Honourable Minister of Labour and Human Resource Development, Ioteba Redfern and Dr. Sarah Hemstock from EU PacTVET received the certificates from SPC.

Dr Hemstock stated that this is not just a regional first, but a global first and we should be very proud. Thanking all country representative and development partners who have worked with tireless dedication to make this possible.

The positioning of SPC as a regional accreditation agency was prompted by requests from countries that do not have national quality assurance agencies to quality assure their qualifications and training providers.

EQAP, through the Pacific Register for Qualifications and Standards (PRQS) Project had been developing and documenting standards, requirements, policies and procedures on various quality assurance processes. It has established structures on decision making authorities, and documenting their Terms of Reference. It has also developed a pool of experts, who are professionals with qualifications and skills in various areas and will assume the role of external auditors/evaluators.

The three regional qualifications were developed in partnership with 15 Pacific Island countries, are owned by the 15 countries and will be delivered by providers from the 15 countries.

Media contacts:
Solo Matthewsella, SPC Communications Assistant, [email protected]