The Pacific Community (SPC) supports Yaps COVID-19 prevention messaging efforts

This press release has been sent by Yap Department of Health Services, on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).


On September 9, 2020 the Yap Risk Communication and Community Engagement (YRCCE) team received six boxes of COVID-19 brochures donated by the Pacific Community (SPC) to assist in its COVID-19 education awareness activities within the community.

Over the last three months, the YRCCE has worked in collaboration with SPC to come up with a simple yet effective COVID-19 prevention messaging tool in the form of a cooling fan for the Yap Department of Health Services (DHS).

The Pacific Community (SPC) was able to support the costs of production and printing of 5000 brochures which include tips for the public on the basic preventative behaviors to prevent COVID-19. The brochures, which are designed like cooling fans, will support the YRCCE’s efforts to inform our people on the risk and signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and encourage them to adopt new ways of living and behaviors to protect themselves and their loved ones against the new

These creative communication tools include a QR code for a Facebook link, so that people can scan with their mobile phone and get directly connected to our Wa’ab Community Health Center Facebook page to get the latest information and updates on the COVID-19 situation.

The fans will be used for outreach activities within our COVID-19 preparedness and response efforts.

The production and printing of the fans was made possible through the support of the European Union (EU).

The Yap DHS and its YRCCE team are extremely grateful to SPC for this generous donation and their continued support of Yap Health Services efforts over the years and most especially during this time of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Symptoms of COVID-19
Health advice for prevention of COVID-19