Pacific media urged to highlight gender resilience


06/07/2021 By: Elenoa Turagaiviu
FBC News, Fiji

There is a lot more that the Pacific Media can do to adequately tell of Pacific resilience in the face of disasters says FEMLink Pacific.

Speaking at the Pacific Resilience Meeting Media Masterclass, Executive Director, Susan Naisara-Grey says there are a lot of issues that are not given the attention it deserves and these include issues faced by women.

She says women from different countries across the Pacific face their own particular challenges and not much is being heard about it.

Grey says there is a lot of work and a lot of coverage that could be done and hopes the Pacific Resilience Meeting to get underway today, will provide that platform.

The Meeting will bring together individuals from a diverse group across the Pacific who will share their stories and experience on resilience through a virtual platform.

The meeting this year will focus on locally-led actions and solutions to climate change and disasters.

With the theme, Our people, our journey: nurturing Pacific resilience from home, the four-day meet ends on Friday.