Resilience starts at home and it starts with us: Tuvalu PM


06/07/2021 By: Elenoa Turagaiviu
FBC News, Fiji

A call has been made for Pacific people to engage and be involved in elevating resilient actions from our homes to the globe for the future of our planet and all of humanity.

The call was made by Tuvalu’s Prime Minister and Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum, Kausea Natano as he opened the 2nd Pacific Resilience Meeting this morning.

Natano says these actions will not only help protect our deep cultures and traditions, but it will also help us become stronger together in the face of climate change and disasters.

He is reminding the Pacific people that our actions should start from homes, communities, countries and in our region.

Speaking to an audience who are mainly connected virtually, Natano says resilience should not be something we try to achieve after we have faced a disaster or an emergency.

He adds, we have the knowledge and the technology, both traditional and scientific, to make resilience an ingrained state of readiness and preparedness.

The Pacific Island Forum Chair says our development policies and practices, at all levels, must integrate considerations of resilience to climate change and disasters including pandemics.

In doing so, he says we must ensure that we focus our efforts on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable and those most at risk in our societies and elevate them.