Niki Rattle


Niki Rattle, Speaker of Parliament, Cook Islands

“Ms Rattle is a passionate advocate for gender equality in parliament.”

Niki Rattle was first appointed Speaker of Parliament of the Cook Islands in 2012, then reappointed in 2014. Her role is to ensure that the functions of parliament are carried out in accordance with the constitution, and the standing orders and procedures of parliament. Upholding the integrity and dignity of the House of Parliament is a critical part of Ms Rattle’s role.

Ms Rattle is a passionate advocate for gender equality in parliament, as she was in her previous roles as President of the National Council of Women, President of the Women’s Counselling Centre, and during her time with the Red Cross. She is deeply concerned about the unacceptably high rates of domestic violence in Pacific Island countries, and wants more action on ending violence against women.

Ms Rattle was involved in the first Women’s Practice Parliament in the Cook Islands in 2015 and again in 2017, and works to familiarise women with the roles and responsibilities of being a Member of Parliament, to encourage women to stand for elections, and support other women. She is active with the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Group, and plans to start a women’s caucus in the Cook Islands Parliament.


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