Information about SPC’s procurement activities can be found on this page, including procurement notices, advertisements and details of contract awardees.

This information is available online in the interests of ensuring our processes are fair, open and transparent.


SPC’s Procurement policy sets SPC’s framework for making purchases. The policy is guided by the principles of ethics, value for money, open competition, and social and environmental responsibility.

SPC’s Privacy Policy establishes SPC’s framework for handling of personal information. These are supported by Guidelines for handling the personal information of bidders and grant applicants which describe what information SPC may collect and how it may be used and disclosed.


For enquiries about SPC procurement activities, please contact: [email protected]. If a bidder involved in an SPC procurement process considers they were not treated fairly, or that SPC failed to properly handle personal information, then the bidder may lodge a complaint (see Accountability).

Complaints and Comments

SPC will consider, respond promptly and impartially to a complaint lodged by an unsuccessful bidder under the Procurement Policy. The complaint will be received in good faith and will be dealt with in a way that does not prejudice the complainant's ongoing or future participation in procurement or affect any rights of the complainant.

The complaint will need to be in writing and emailed to [email protected], within 10 working days of the award of the contract notice being published. The formal complaint should outline the name of the tender and the details of the complaint.

For more information see Accountability

Current Open Tenders: