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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture surveys and datasets in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories

Data is the cornerstone on which fisheries managers, scientists, communities and other stakeholders rely on to implement arrangements that maximise the utilisation of aquatic resources in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner possible. Accurate and representative data provides an indication of what is happening now, what has happened in the past, and may even provide insight into what may happen in the future depending on the management arrangements that are implemented.

Coastal fisheries and aquaculture data standardization, preservation and sharing were major topics discussed during the 1st SPC Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries that was held in Noumea from the 28th Nov to the 1st Dec 2017. The outcome of the meeting was an agreed action plan in which:

  • SPC agreed to lead a stocktake exercise to identify all data related to coastal fisheries and aquaculture and develop a Data Repository for archiving and searching data sets
  • Country counterparts agreed to undertake a national stocktake of data collection systems, including metadata and work with other relevant ministries, NGOs, research organisations and others to identify what data they hold relevant to coastal fisheries and/or aquaculture

This web site implements a repository for the inventory of data collection and datasets in Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs)

If you or your organisation/service is conducting coastal and aquaculture surveys or detain data for PICTs and you are willing to contribute to this database, please contact [email protected] to get instructions for access. If you already have an account and are registered as a contributor, please Log in .

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