We acknowledge the funding agencies that have contributed with SPC and CLS to support the development and application of SEAPODYM since its early start in 1995:

  • The European Union through various projects:
    • DG Research (ongoing project: FP7 EURO-BASIN)
    • DG MARE (ongoing project: South Pacific jack Mackerel)
    • DG DEV
    • project SPRTRAMP (9th European Development Fund; 1995-2000)
    • project PROCFISH (9th European Development Fund; 2002-2005)
    • project SCIFISH (9th European Development Fund; )
    • ongoing project SCICOFISH (10th European Development Fund; 2008-2013)
  • The US Pelagic Fisheries Research Program of the JIMAR – University of Hawaii
    • projects number 657425, 659708 and 661551
  • The Large Pelagic Research Center
    • project Bluefin Habitat & Tagging modeling
  • The French Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR (project PEPS; ongoing projects Mycto3Dmap and AMORAD)
  • The French Agence Française pour le Développement (AFD) and the Indonesian Government (ongoing project INDESO )
  • The Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (project “Enhanced estimates of climate change impacts on WCPO tuna”)
  • The European Space Agency (ongoing project OSMOSIS)
Title Purpose Donor
Scientific Support for the Management of Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region (SciCOFish) Develop reference fits for the historical period for skipjack, bigeye and south pacific albacore.
Develop reference fit for the IPSL CMIP4 model and provide first simulation of Climate Change Impacts for skipjack, bigeye and south pacific albacore.
10th European Development Fund
Enhanced estimates of climate change impacts on WCPO tuna, including estimates of uncertainty Application of a model ensemble approach to capture the uncertainty in climate change forecasts for Pacific tuna populations. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Integrating conventional and electronic tagging data into the spatial ecosystem and population model SEAPODYM Modify the code of SEAPODYM to incorporate tagging data. Pelagic Fisheries Research Program
SPC Oceanic Fisheries Programme
Infrastructure Development of Space Oceanography for IUU Fishing and Coral Monitoring (INDESO Project) Develop regional high resolution modelling approach of SEAPODYM and implement a realtime operational chain of production for three tuna species (skipjack; yellowfin and bigeye). Government of Indonesia
Agence Française de Développement
EURO-BASIN Improve micronekton modeling.
Develop SEAPODYM application to North Atlantic Albacore.
EU DG Research (FP7)
South Pacific jack Mackerel First application of SEAPODYM to the South Pacific Jack Mackerel and fisheries. EU DG MARE
Mycto3Dmap Simulate high resolution of micronekton biomass distribution in the Kerguelen Is. region and parameter optimization using acoustic data.
Analyses of predators behaviour.
French ANR
OSMOSIS Improve micronekton model prediction with realistic satellite-based physical and biogeochemical forcing. European Space Agency
AMORAD Modeling the propagation of radioactive elements in the oceanic foodweb . Operational production of risk indicators in tuna fisheries. French ANR
Indian Ocean Swordfish Test SEAPODYM swordfish Pacific parameterization in the Indian Ocean. CLS