FAIRTRADE: Fairtrade Associations’ Capacity Building and Farm Advisory Services Support

European Union
Making a difference to Fiji's sugarcane communities

The Fairtrade Associations’ Capacity Building and Farm Advisory Services Support (FAIRTRADE) project is a four-year (2015-2018) programme funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC). The Euro 1.5 million FAIRTRADE project is working to address the resource requirements for an effective and cohesive service provision and support mechanism for increased cane production by farmers.

The EU is financing several projects in Fiji’s sugarcane belt, which are being implemented by the SPC. These projects are linked to the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol (AMSP) programme and are designed to help strengthen rural sugar-income dependent communities in response to the EU’s Sugar Price Reform and the adverse conditions in the sugar industry. It also aims to improve the livelihoods of sugarcane dependent populations, increase income and reduce poverty.

  • To promote income generation through sugarcane farming or alternatives.
  • Specifically, the project is aiming to ensure that Fairtrade stakeholders are further strengthened.
  • Beneficiaries are the 9,000 active cane producers and their dependants whose livelihoods rely, in whole or in part, on sugarcane farming.
  • Cane farmer organisations providing services to sugarcane farmers.
  • Sugar industry partners driving farm advisory services for cane farmers.
  • Improved opportunities to reach and service Fairtrade sugar markets.
  • Development of integrated farm advisory services.