Addressing the challenges of youth unemployment in the pacific through genuine partnerships

Apia, Samoa
Apia, Samoa

Youth unemployment in the pacific stands at an alarming 23% (SPC, 2011) with young people 4.5-6 times (ILO, 2017) less likely to secure decent jobs relative to older people. The Pacific Youth Council (PYC) led and Pacific Community (SPC) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) supported Youth Employment Advocacy (YEA)[1] initiative in 2011 resulted in a landmark recognition by the pacific leaders to invest in youth employment, including the critical role of the private sector (PIFS, 2011). Consequently, the 10 year Pacific Youth Development Framework (PYDF)[2] led by the Pacific Community (SPC) was endorsed by the Pacific Youth Ministers in 2014 and includes youth employment as its first priority and youth entrepreneurship a key outcome area. The S.A.M.O.A Pathway makes specific reference to youth and youth employment in paragraphs 24, 27 (a, c, g), 30 (d), 84 and 88 (a).

SPC, Pacific Youth Council, ILO