Leadership for Effectiveness

Leadership for Effectiveness is made up of two courses: Inclusive Strategic Leadership and Leading and Managing People.

Leadership for Effectiveness, delivered by The University of Queensland, will be provided through a mix of online platforms that support self-directed and group-based learning. The course includes an introduction workshop followed by two modules, each delivered over two day workshops (see below). You will need to be available to join all workshops, as well as commit several hours per week to your own learning throughout the course.

Inclusive Strategic Leadership (ISL) - starting 17 May 2022

This course focuses on strategic thinking and planning in complex environments; adaptive program management to support locally-led solutions; inclusive leadership practice and policy implementation; connecting with your preferred leadership style; and developing and articulating your personal leadership vision.


  • PFLP Introduction workshop - 10 May 

  • ISL pre-course workshop - 17 May

  • Module delivery - 24 May to 5 August


Leading and Managing People - starting 7 February 2023

You will engage with and apply prominent theories and models about leading people in groups and teams to your own context; develop your behaviour as a leader of teams; and identify and evaluate strategies for developing high performance teams.


  • LMP pre-course workshop - 2 February

  • Module delivery - 7 February to 4 May


Can I gain credit for Leadership for Effectiveness?

Yes! The two modules, Leading and Managing People and Inclusive Strategic Leadership, include activities that can be counted for assessment. To be eligible to receive one or two course credits towards selected The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School post-graduate programs, all items of assessment for each area of coursework must be satisfactorily completed.

What is the time commitment?

In addition to attending all live online workshops, you will be expected to devote several hours per week leading up to, between and after the workshops completing activities and engaging with your fellow participants on the course platform. If you wish to gain credit, for one or both modules, you can expect to spend an additional eight hours per week to completing course readings and writing a critical essay in the six weeks following the Academic Module.



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