The Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme (PFLP)

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PFLP offers a unique customised programme for current and emerging Pacific fisheries leaders to develop additional skills relevant to mobilizing change on national and regional fisheries priorities. 

It is envisaged 125 participants, will enjoy learning through workshops, workplace experiences, coaching and resources relevant and applicable to their daily work. It will take around 24 months to complete the full programme.

The Pacific Fisheries Leadership programme (PFLP) funded by the New Zealand Government, is implemented by a consortium led by the Pacific Community (SPC) with the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), University of Queensland (UQ), and the Centre for Adaptive Leadership (CLA).

Selected participants will engage in a modular online programme including Leadership for Effectiveness; Leadership Experience; Leadership for Change; and Coaching Support. The Leadership for Effectiveness component contains two areas of coursework; Leading and Managing People and Inclusive Strategic Leadership. The coursework includes activities that can be counted for assessment. To be eligible to receive one or two course credits towards selected University of Queensland (UQ) Business School postgraduate programs, all items of assessment for each area of coursework must be satisfactorily completed.
The programme is based on real world issues and experience and will be adapted to the context and needs of participants. 

Expected long term outcomes for the fisheries sector includes improved quality and diversity of leadership and management in priority sectoral areas and increased cooperation between relevant participants and their institutions. These objectives conform to progressing implementation of the “Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries.”

This programme is a signifcant investment by New Zealand and by the members of the consortium. As such, PFLP wants to attract not only the most relevant, but the most committed and interested participants possible.

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