The Environmental Sustainability programme was first funded by GIZ, activities since 2014 are funded by DFAT.



As a leader in the field of Climate Change response, SPC has initiated a corporate emission reduction programme to reduce its own carbon footprint – the first regional organisation in the Pacific to do so.

Starting in 2011 the organisation began quantifying the amount of CO2 it produces by preparing a core inventory that includes all facilities located in the Noumea headquarters and Suva, Pohnpei and Honiara regional offices.

By analysing procurement data for energy and other consumables, SPC can calculate its carbon footprint in line with international standards. For the year 2011 SPC emissions were calculated at approximately 1700 tonnes equivalent of CO2. This process provided a baseline figure to measure our annual progress in reducing emissions.

SPC’s emissions reduction programme is focussed on four key areas:

  1. The first is the automatic monitoring of emissions to track annual performance.
  2. Electricity consumption accounts for 90% of SPC’s core emissions. The second key area, based on energy audits conducted in Noumea, Suva, Pohnpei and Honiara, is the implementation of energy efficiency recommendations.
  3. The third key result area is exploring options to offset carbon emissions and improving the energy efficiency of staff housing assets owned by SPC.
  4. The final key area is the establishment of an Environmental Management System in SPC. This involves communication with staff, induction and training and the development of a green office policy.

More information?
Please contact Aude Chenet, SPC Environmental Sustainability Coordinator: [email protected]



How to ?

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 Want to know what your footprint is?

Global footprint network

As an official partner of the Global footprint network, please check out their carbon calculator to assess your ecological footprint.



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