Environmental sustainability in action

recycling-box-spc.jpgEnvironmental Management System was implemented in each SPC office. This is done through communication on sustainable practices and exchange with staff, and through the implementation of emission reduction actions.
Our last step in September 2016 was the establishment of 100 % waste recycling in Nouméa Headquarters.

Check out our last programme update video:

SPC, in partnership with WWF New Caledonia, has committed to contribute to biodiversity preservation at the Ouen Toro Land Park in Noumea. This project involves the replanting of endemic species on a specific plot. The work began in September 2016 with the preparation of the land, and the planting of dry forest trees was carried out successfully in 2017. Since then SPC staff continue to maintain the plot on a regular basis.


Have a look at the video:

Mocamana/SPC - Reforestation Fort Tereka from Gypaete Aerial Association on Vimeo.

You want to take part into restoration session? Please contact [email protected]

ekos Carbon NeutralAs part of the SPC’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, the RESCCUE project (Restoration of ecosystem services and adaptation to climate change, CCES division) has become the first of its projects to be carbon neutral:

  1. Greenhouse gases emissions are avoided whenever possible
  2. Emissions that cannot be avoided are reduced to the extent possible
  3. Remaining emissions are offset through a partnership with Ekos, a New Zealand-based carbon offsetting charity and its Pacific Island rainforest carbon programme, the Nakau Programme.

Early 2017, SPC Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT) has committed to reduce its carbon footprint by offsetting its flights when providing technical assistance to Pacific island countries and territories’ governments and civil society, with an agreement with Ekos.

To reduce the impact of its annual largest conference, the CRGA, SPC supported a carbon-offset initiative : the reforestation of the Fort Tereka area, in Nouméa, conducted in August 2016 by Mocamana, an Caledonian association for the protection of the environment.

Have a look at the "Mocamana/SPC - Reforestation in Fort Tereka" video


Make your own home detergents

Why making our own cleaning products?

  • It allows to reduce my waste, especially since a region where recycling is not yet a habit
  • It saves money, my wallet is happy!
  • They are respectful of our environment and they do not pollute rivers, lagoon, their flora and fauna
  • They are respectful of my health
  • They guarantee the air quality of home
  • They are effective and smell good!
  • They are fun to make!

Please check this out: “Make your own cleaning products !


Want to know what your ecological footprint is?

As an official partner of the Global footprint network, please check out their carbon calculator to assess your ecological  footprint.