Digital Earth Pacific

The Digital Earth Pacific project will support the development of an operational earth observation system that takes decades of freely available data and brings it together in a sensible way within the Pacific context. It will allow Member States to make more informed decisions based on good information to overcome the challenges we face such as climate change, food security and disasters.

This solution will help us understand the changes in our environment such as the impact sea-level rise has on our communities, planning for disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and productivity of agricultural fields and potential impacts by changes in weather. 

Leveraging this technology will allow the development of decision-ready products that will support concise and analysed information for decision makers whilst providing needed data and information to support regional and global commitments such as the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, the Paris Agreement or the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Needs Assessment (April – June): The project will undertake a detailed and consultative process with Member States to understand how geospatial technology and Earth observations can best be applied to address national level development priorities.
  • Pilot studies (May – November): Pilot case studies at national and local levels will be developed to apply Pacific data and information to real-world challenges outlining how decision-ready products will benefit Members. Challenges, opportunities and lessons learned will be identified as part of this process.
  • Business Case (August – December): This assessment will lead into the development of a business case that outlines key considerations for a regional data infrastructure in support of Members and the approach to be taken to develop a sustainable technology and solution for the Pacific (December 2021).


Benefits of Digital Earth Technology

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