L'info verte : les États-Unis ont aidé les pays insulaires du Pacifique à débloquer 0,5 milliard de dollars américains pour la gestion du changement climatique


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The US Government has helped Pacific Island countries unlock more than half a billion US dollars in funding to manage the growing impact of climate change. This was stated by the United States of America Ambassador to Fiji Marie Damour while delivering her speech during the American Independence Day celebration at the US Embassy in Tamavua.

Damour says there is no greater long-term challenge confronting the world today than climate change and the Pacific Islands are leading the world on climate issues, advocating for action that has catalyzed change on a global scale.

She says the United States is committed to being Fiji’s partner and to ensure a prosperous, healthy future for the Blue Pacific which she says is a fight that she is confident we are going to be successful in.

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